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”based in poland/uk” – what does it mean? do you photograph only there?

…you can find us in Poland and the United Kingdom every day. In Poland it is Łomża, in the UK – London. It can be said, that we live and reside in these two places. We “operate” without limits (of course as much as possible), so almost everywhere – from London to Łomża, from Paris to Florence, from Barcelona to …exactly, tell us, where? 

right! – if you go, are additional costs included?

…yes, we add the cost of travel/flight (cruise?) and, when it is the distance more than 200 km, accommodation (only for time needed to perform the order) 


do we have to necessarily meet to sign the contract?

…of course, not. There are a lot of ways of communication today, that we will easy accomplish formalities without meeting. But be prepared  for often contact and, we insist on it, consultations via skype! 

how much it will cost?

…"it" :)

the question is important, but the answer depends on Your suggestions and expectations – please contact us and summarize Your history with giving us basic details, as the date of wedding, place etc. Currently the most often the cost of involvement love.snap.story in the territory of UK is around £1400. Foreign/EU sessions we price individually. The details of other sessions we described further. Once a year this couple, whose history and circumstances of a wedding captivate us the most can count on a “surprise” including fee resignation (beyond the costs of travel and framing of our works)!

do you take an advance to the contract?

…yes. To be precise: deposit. In the contract of wedding photography, there is a custom around 30 % the originally agreed fee – only a contract + a deposit is a guarantee of term reservation. 
The conditions of other sessions you will find further. 

exactly -   the term – how fast should we operate, to be sure of its reservation?

…here the old rule works: the first-come - first-served. Flood of newly-weds “threaten” in each moment. Such a job… The situation changes depending from the season and who knows, from what else? One you can be sure – the reserved term is Yours and we will not leave You, until a wedding after-party. Simply do not hesitate to ask!

how many photos will we receive from the wedding day? all will be edited?

…”edited” – all, and we “edit” all, which we take. We reserve the right to reject a percentage of fraction, so these, which in fervour of work “didn’t work out”. Following this topic, you will receive only “edited” photos, without digital negatives. Why? Cause these outdated  cellulose “film” also no photographer would pass you.  They are as drafts, material, base for final works. We don’t have a menu with packages of specific number of pieces. Each wedding is a different celebration, in various circle, variously lasting and differently proceeding. We usually pass around 500, sometimes more photos. .

how fast will we receive them?

it depends mostly on how many of them there will be. And then, of course, remember, that there will not be only digital files. Frankly speaking, we take it the other way around and these “ on a computer” we take them as a complement your order. Preparing “prints”, album projects and their realisation, frame of single is a complex, artistic process.  But … first of them you will enjoy before you will say goodbye to your last quest. We are full of surprises! Answering directly: we try that the waiting time  doesn’t exceed 4 weeks

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