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50°18'01.1"N 17°09'28.7"E, the Czech Republic, summer

Let’s us allow to tell You about friendship around us, about joy goes with it, and about love. We could treat these stories as tales – believe them, or not believe. But it happens, this exists! And we saw it with our eyes!

~ love story, ~ united
Kotwica 1

9°45'46.1"N 18°14'17.2"E, the Czech Republic, spring

The story, which didn’t want to be written by itself.


Sometimes views distract us. We always slow down to look at happiness. But even then we bear in mind, that we are here to take photos.


But in Ostrava… in Ostrava we forgot about it. We admit to it.

~ love story, ~ united

43°51'16.6"N 11°21'55.1"E, Italy, the end of summer



And, when you even didn’t manage to smile to this thought, you realised, that it can be even better, because... you are here to photograph the wedding!

~ love story, ~ united

53°18'12.0"N 22°01'48.6"E, Poland, summer

The world is changing. We’re reaching more and more boldly. We’re looking into more and more further. We’re discovering new. Even if not new for the world, for sure new for us. However, we still the same love coming back to our old world, where something that is new is so ours, known

~ tangled, ~ love story, ~ united
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