53°16'31.2"N 22°27'30.1"E, Poland, summer

There are those, who are interested in stories hidden by the reportages. They notice, ask, try to surprise by remarks. There are those, who manage it perfectly!

And then they try to discover the meaning our, thoughtful smiles.

~ tangled

54°26'14.6"N 19°35'46.0"E, Poland, summer 

"Pick up sand as much as possible

As possible at once

Maybe too small hands we have

To take time with them"

Edyta, Wojtek, Kacper, Oskar, Riso and sand.

~ the home is...

53°34'08.9"N 22°14'07.7"E, Poland, summer

Let’s be honest: we allow You for this crazy enthusiasm. For looking for locations, sceneries, open air. And we adore visiting with You, also, of course! 

Cause the difference between visiting and getting to know we have known for a long time…

~ tangled